Getting Started

The videos below are designed to give you an introduction to the world of Google. The videos are separated into categories based on individual Google Apps. More videos will be added and if you find your specific need is not addressed you can email

First Time Using Google Apps?


This video will give you a quick introduction to using Google Applications.



Organizing Your Inbox

Sending Email

Coming soon.

Communicating with other members of the school division is as typing their name. This video will go over the basics of sending email and connecting with other people in the division.


Managing Your Contacts

Adding Attachments from Google Drive

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Adjusting Your Settings

If you want to create a signature, add filters to your inbox, or forward other email addresses, this video will show you how to adjust your settings to get Gmail operating smoothy.

Coming Soon.


Google Drive

Organizing Your Google Drive

An important part of working digitally is storing your files online. This video will help you organize your files and get used to using Google Drive.

Sharing with Google Drive

One of the key advantages of using Google applications is the ability to share. This video will help you set up a shared folder, as well as add folders shared with you to your own drive.

Google Docs

Using Google Docs

Using Google Calendar