Features Overview

Please find the most common problems and answers for using the new HP Printer Solution in Prairie Spirit SD.


Why do my jobs not print or disappear? 

The most common reason for jobs disappearing or not printing is that they have simply been accidentally grabbed by another staff member.  When picking up your print jobs, please look carefully and flip through the job to ensure that there isn't additional pages there that belong to someone else.  Of course, this isn't the problem 100% of the time where jobs can get hung up in a print queue - if that happens, please contact Prairie Spirit IT Dept and they will check into what happened and work to prevent it from re-occurring.

We can implement a feature on the Copier Solution called HP Secure Print that allows all print jobs to be securely stored on a server in the division and only be released when you are at the copier and authenticate with your ID Card.


How do I password protect a PDF using Scan-to-Email?

Sending confidential or sensitive data from the photocopier has never been easier as you can now password protect a scanned document to send to a colleague.  Once password protected, give the recipient a phone call to share your password for the document or establish a password that works between everyone.

To utilize this feature, click on learn more below for step-by-step instructions on how to password protect a file using the HP M880 or HP M775 Photocopier.


How do I choose the staple options when printing from Google Chrome?

Choosing the right output option is key to the documents you are printing, whether it be stapling, hole-punching (if your device is capable) or choosing to print in colour VS greyscale.  Finding these options can be tricky - especially if you're printing within Google Chrome.  Check out the quick 0.24 second video below for how to find the staple option from with Google Chrome.