How to Add a New User Account

These are instructions for logging into the browser itself, not or


Load Google Chrome

This is my homepage - the page displayed when first loading your Chrome browser.
What we're interested in is the name at the top of the window (circled here in red). In my case it says Nathan.
However, Chad would like to use my computer. He wants all his favorites, settings, login info, and history to be brought over too. So we're going to create a user profile for him.


View Currently Logged In Profile

  • If you click on name (same one circled in the last photo) a new window appears that shows the user currently logged into the browser. If this is your account: you're already logged in and ready to go!
  • If this isn't you however, we can either "Go incognito" which means our browsing history, usernames and preferences wont be saved under the other persons account. This is good if you need to only use someone else's computer briefly. 
  • We want to click "Switch person" (circled in red) so that we can add a different user to this
    Chrome browser.

Current Chrome Users

  • This new window that loads shows us all the users that have created accounts on this Chrome browser. This was taken on my computer, so right now I'm the only user. 
  • Chad has never logged in on my computer before, which is why he's not listed here. Let's go ahead and click "Add person" (circled above) to open a new window where we can get him set up.

Working in the new window

  • When we clicked "Add person" Chrome opened a separate window for us to work in. At this time we could close the "Nathan" window if we wanted to free up space on our desktop. 
  • Click on the "Person 1" (circled below) to add an account to this new window.

Time to sign in

Clicking the "Sign in to Chrome" button in the drop down menu that appears will take us to a sign in screen where Chad will be able to log in.


Input Google Account Information

  1. Type in your email address
  2. Type in your password
  3. Click the "Sign in" button

Confirmation Time

A message may pop up asking if you want to Link your Chrome data to this account.
This is to confirm that all your browser settings and history will be connected to this computer. Only do this on a Prairie Spirit device or similarly trusted computer.



Your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings will be synced from (and back to as you use the computer) your Google Account.
Chad can now click the "OK, got it" (circled below) button to start using the browser under his account.