Open an Incognito Window

This is if you're using a shared computer temporarily and want to log into any of your
accounts (such as Gmail/Google) without bothering the other saved accounts or having
the browser record your username, passwords or browsing history.


Open Chrome

This photo shows my homepage (the first screen shown when the browser loads). Note the indications that a user is signed in, as circled in red.


Open a New incognito window

  1. Click the menu button (those three horizontal lines) in the top right
  2. From the drop down menu that appears select "New incognito window"

New window opens

  • In this new window you will see that there is no one logged into the browser (as there are no user names within the red circles)
  • The yellow arrows point out the incognito logo at the top and a brief reminder of what incognito mode can and can't do

You did it!

As incognito mode doesn't save anything you're now all ready to use the browser on your own account. Now if we go to for example, it starts with a fresh login page; none of our usernames, passwords, or browsing history will be saved on this computer or primary users account now. Make sure to close this window when you're done to automatically log out.




Did you know?

You can open an incognito window at any time by holding the Shift - Ctrl - N keys. Try it!