Password Protection - Scan to Email

Step 1

Begin by tapping the E-mail icon


Step 2

Input any required addressing fields and tap the More Options button


Step 3

Tap Document File Type


Step 4

  1. Make sure PDF is selected
  2. Tap File Options

Step 5

  1. Check the box next to PDF Encryption
  2. Enter a password
  3. Enter it again to confirm
  4. Tap the OK button

Step 6

Tap the OK button


Step 7

Confirm all the other options (the same you would for any other Scan to Email) and tap the Send Email button at the top when you're ready.

HP Book Mode

Book Mode, in a fashion somewhat similar to Job Build allows you to create copies of multiple pages at once. It differs in that the copier itself is able to determine the left and right pages of a book placed face down on the scanner and print them accordingly.


Step 1: Select Copy from the home screen


Step 2: Scroll Down using the More Options down arrow button


Step 3: Select Book Mode


Step 4: Turn on Book Mode

  1. Tap the circle next to "Book Mode on"
  2. Tap the OK button

Step 4.1: Confirm Book Mode is On

Note that the status under Book Mode has changed to On and the image towards the top of the screen is now a face down book.


Step 5: Select Copying Options

Begin now selecting the preferences for this copy the same way you would for any other job. 


Step 5.1: Sides Selection

In Book Mode the only options are a 1-sided original. Don't worry, the copier will give you time later to turn the pages of the book and copy those too.


Step 6: Begin Copy

Once you've got all your preferences set for how you want the copy to be printed out, go ahead and tap the Copy button at the top.