HP Job Build

How to use the HP printers to Copy multiple pages (and different page sizes, if applicable) from the auto feeder and/or the flatbed scanner.

Step 1: Select Copy

Click on the Copy icon on your printer to begin.


Step 2: More Options

In addition to the standard copying options, clicking the down arrow (circled in yellow) will take you to a second screen filled with other handy features and modes.


Step 3: Job Build

Select the Job Build icon to enter the Job Build menu.


Step 4: Turn on Job Build

  1. Click the circle next to "Job Build on"
  2. Click the OK button

Step 5: Visual Confirmation

After clicking the OK button the printer will return to the More Options page of the Copy menu where you can see that Job Build is now On. The icon at the top changes to multiple pages with a plus sign signifying that the printer is ready for you to scan multiple pages (and sizes).


Step 6: Printing Preferences and Begin Copy

This is the part where you would select all the same printing options (eg. Number of Copies, Image Adjustments, Stapling, Color/Black, etc) the same as you would for any other Copy. The most important selections for a job such as this will be the Sides option (red arrow) and the Paper Selection (yellow arrow). Sides is where you tell the printer both what your originals are and what you would like the copy to be and paper selection is what the first thing you are going to copy is; you will be prompted throughout the scanning portion of the copy to select a different page size, if applicable. I've found that most often the auto detection works fairly well too.

When you're ready to begin scanning tap the Copy button at the top of the screen.


Step 6.1: Sides Selection Example (Only visible before you tap the Copy button)

As mentioned above, the Sides screen is where you select what your original is and what you'd like your output would be. This screen should look familiar to anyone who has copied on the HP printers before.


Optional Pop-Up: Only if Scanning a Double Sided Original using the Flatbed Scanner (NOT when using the Auto Feeder)

This is just to give you the chance to open the scanner and flip your page over.


Status: This screen shows you that the printer is in the process of scanning your document(s).

Step 7: Start Next Page(s)

Remove and replace your page from the flatbed scanner or reload the Auto Feeder with what you'd like to add to this copy job and tap the Scan button. You can also take this time to change the paper size as required.

Continue this step until all your pages have been scanned into the printer.


Step 8: Print

After you've scanned your final page(s) this window will pop up again. This time, tap the Finish button instead and the printer will begin to print out your Copy according to the preferences selected during Step 6.