Cheat Sheet

This is for the Chrome app version of IPEVO Presenter. It's a little bit limited compared to the full desktop version of IPEVO Presenter but allows you to use your IPEVO on a Chromebook or any computer that already has Chrome installed.

  1. Magnify: Here you can zoom in on your subject mater
  2. Rotate: Allows you to easily spin the image by a few degrees at a time
  3. Resolution: Can be helpful for clearing up the image
  4. Mirror: Flips the image across horizontal and/or verticle axes
  5. Fullscreen: Makes this window take up the whole desktop
  6. Video Source: Sometimes IPEVO Presenter will grab the computer's webcam instead of the IPEVO device by mistake. Here is where you correct that
  7. Snapshot: Save a still image of whatever is currently being viewed
  8. Freeze: Pauses the video and allows you change the subject (eg. to flip the page) without appearing on screen. Click again to resume
  9. Display Mode: Applies a grid overlay and toggles the visibility of the various menus
  10. Camera: The default tab. This is where you see what the IPEVO sees
  11. Review: Allows you to look through any stills you've taken with 7. Snapshot
  12. Settings: Change how long a Snapshot is temporarily viewd for (Instant Preview) and how long the camera delays before taking a Snapshot (Snapshot Timer)