As of version 4.2 (depending on manufacturer) Android phones have the ability to create separate user accounts. This is a fantastic feature for those who want to have both work and personal accounts and content on one device, but want to keep them separate from each other.

Some of these screenshots might look a little different than they do on your phone. Android device manufacturers all have a slightly different way of designing their layouts. As this can also effect the order some of these steps are presented, I recommend reading this entire guide before continuing.

Let's begin!

If you pull down the Notification Tray on your Android device (swipe down from the top of the screen; OS version 4.2 or newer) you should see a circle icon with an abstract of a person at the very top right. Tapping that will take you to your device's User Settings screen where you will be able to create a new user account.

Click Add user

Confirm you'd like to add a new user. New user accounts share device settings (ringtones, WiFi passwords, etc) but do not share more private data, such as music or photos.

Tap SET UP NOW to begin configuring this new account to work with your Google accounts.

After a brief delay and perhaps some screen flashing, a page like this should load. Select Continue and then NEXT >

Sign in using your account information (same as you do when you sign into Gmail)

Click ACCEPT > to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

A brief wait while your phone connects to and its servers

Little longer. Almost finished. How long this process takes depends on the speed of your phone and internet connection; it's only a one time thing though.

At this point you may be greeted with a new homepage screen. This operates almost like a second phone (with some limitations on things like phone calls and text messages; more on that at the end) so all the apps you've downloaded yourself as well as your photos and other personal content WILL NOT be accessible here.

You may also (depending on your particular Android version) be greeted with a page asking you to download and setup Google Apps Device Policy. If so, follow through to complete it: GADP is a requirement for having accounts on all Android phones. The required steps will be outlined further in this guide.

Here's a quick screenshot of my photos app. You can clearly see it's empty as all of my personal photos are safely stored in my other user account.

Text messages are sort of an all or nothing deal as far as phones are concerned so rather then having your text messages available to all accounts, Android protects your privacy by only allowing the primary (your personal) account access them.

Pulling back down on the Navigation Tray and clicking on the Users icon at the top right we can see the available User accounts on this phone.

Like me you might find that both User accounts have a similar (possibly same) name. To avoid confusion, we're going to differentiate them now by tapping on MORE SETTINGS

Click on the name of the account you'd like to change. A pop up will appear with the option to edit the name. The account labelled You on this screen is the currently logged in account - in this case my PSSD account.

I changed the account name to Nathan PSSD, this way I can easily select between my personal and work emails and content without confusion.

If your phone didn't automatically ask you to setup Google Apps Device Policy (mine didn't), you'll need to go into your Google Play Store now to search and install it

With the Google Apps Device Policy app loaded it should automatically detect your email and begin to walk you through the steps. From this screen tap NEXT > to continue

This screen shows you the features and functions Google Apps Device Policy has. Click ACTIVATE to accept and continue to the next screen

This user account is going to require security settings at least as good as the requirements here. Tapping ENFORCE > will enable GADP to secure your device accordingly

A quick activation and we're on to the next step

GADP will find a couple things wrong with this user account's security. Not to worry, that's only because we just set this account up. Anything that has an error in red can be easily fixed by tapping it, GADP will automatically load the required Settings page so you can make the necessary adjustments

Once everything has a checkmark beside it, you can tap your Home button and continue on using your new user account.

Likely you'll want your email on your phone. If you don't see the Gmail app anywhere you'll have to download it from the Play Store also.

Once you have the Gmail app loaded you should see that it detects your email. If you tap on your email account the app will setup your account on your device for you and take you to your inbox.

Don't forget to switch back to your personal account when you're done with Prairie Spirit SD business and are ready to switch back to your personal contents.