Prairie Spirit SD - Windows 10 AE Image

The Prairie Spirit IT Crew was hard at work this summer and has developed the most in depth, stable and connected image ever.  Utilizing Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Enterprise, the new Prairie Spirit SD Windows deployments offer up awesome features, no matter the device.  Access to all Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office 365 and HPAC SecurePrint makes this image cloud-connected build ever!  

Office 365 for Education offers free access to all you favorite office apps as well as hundreds of downloadable apps from the Microsoft Store.  Secure storage for your files in the cloud (stored in Canada!) with easy offline access. Oh, and did I mention that all staff get 5 copies of Office 2016 Pro Plus for FREE to install on their personal Windows and Mac devices?  #icingonthecake



Click play to watch a brief intro video for Office 365

Office 365 For Your Device