HP Secure Print

HP SecurePrint allows staff to securely print to a digital print queue and retrieve their documents from any copier in Prairie Spirit SD.  No more accidentally grabbing other print jobs, repetitive print tasks or printing to the wrong copier!


How to use this featue

The new HP SecurePrint feature is a part of our new Windows 10 design that the IT Team has put together.  To utilize this feature, staff are supplied with an ID badge that allows them to 'tap to authenticate' on any copier in the division to access their print queue's.  Once logged in, you can navigate your digital print queue and choose to print and keep documents stored there (up to 7 days) or print and delete a job. 

There are NO Print Quota's being enabled by this feature, simply secure, divisionally accessible printing!

futuresmart 4.jpg

Once Enabled = Print Securely

When printing to the new Secure Print option, everyone will see a printer available to them called \\HPAC\SecurePrint.  Once a document has been sent to this printer, it will remember the output options you have selected for 7 days!


Access Your Print Jobs From Everywhere!

When connected to this system you can approach any of our copiers or printers in the division and access your print jobs.  This works fantastic for anyone working out of multiple locations or accessing multiple devices in a school.