Sphero SPRK+ & Accessory Kit

Sphero SPRK+



SPRK+ is far more than just a robot - it’s your vehicle to discovery. Connect to the Lightning Lab app to learn programming, complete activities, and get inspired through connected play and coding. This app-enabled ball is just the start.



Lightning Lab is the Sphero App for programming Sphero robots. Beginners can give robots commands by drawing a path in the app for their robot to follow. Intermediate coders can utilize the familiar block-based drag and drop interface, while pros can use new text programming and write their own code.


Programming. It’s kind of a big deal. Lots of apps do it, but they don't do it like this. Lightning Lab goes #BeyondCode by incorporating STEAM activities, creativity, and collaboration – all with Sphero robots. Navigate a maze. Create a chariot. Swim across the water…the only limit is your imagination.


Accessory Kit Includes:

Sphero Chariot


Sphero Ramps and Rails


Sphero Nubby Cover

  • Shields your Sphero against the elements and adds additional shock protection

  • Provides unbeatable traction for all types of terrain

  • Increases water effectiveness