Technology is a literacy that is required in education and in the wider world. A well developed competence with varied digital mediums is an expectation of both teachers and students, and this is best encouraged in an environment where technology works as a support and not a hinderance. Our job is to support educators in redefining their practice, providing the framework for the use of technology to engage, support, and empower students. 

While our goals are ever changing, over the next few years we are striving to improve our division in the following ways:

  • Create a 1-to-1 device to student environment, where every student has equitable access to technology 
  • Support the development of blended learning environments, providing the tools for teachers to engage students in different modes of learning on a daily basis
  • Encourage the use and support for technology in all facets in the classroom, including students bringing their own devices.

- Antony Brouwer, Prairie Spirit School Division